beyond the roots of lounge

cocktail photo by Dennis Mojado

Lounge/Not Lounge

Fun-loving, hedonistic, some would say...shallow, humankind has been living Lounge since before recorded history. (Too busy having fun to bother with written language...too smashed to bother writing things down?) To aid our hepcat friends in their pursuit of a thoroughly unexamined life, we present:

The Aesthetic : A Roots of Lounge Field Guide


Not Lounge

Athens Sparta
Michaelangelo Leonardo da Vinci
Opera Ballet
Pinky The Brain
Andrew Lloyd Webber Frank Lloyd Wright
Teak Oak
Prime Time TV Variety Shows Prime Time TV News Magazines
Tom Snyder Charlie Rose
Steve Jobs Bill Gates
Ginger Grant, Lovey Howell
& Thurston Howell III
The Professor, Mary Ann,
Gilligan & The Skipper
Jack Kerouac's On The Road Charles Kuralt's On The Road
France Mexico
California & New Jersey Oregon & Massachussets